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CushKicks™ Ortho Sneakers

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Your feet deserve to feel comfy and breezy while still looking super trendy! CushKicks™ Ortho Sneakers reduce stress on the joints, heels, and toes as it adapts to the shape of your feet.
Orthopedic sneakers improve the health of your joints, stabilizes your posture, and remove muscle pain from your feet. It's better to improve and protect your well-being than wait for an accident to happen. 
They are the ultimate motion control shoes with extra cushion for long-lasting comfort. Perfect for jogging, walking around the city, or when working that requires you to use your feet the entire shift!



✔ Ultra-Lightweight: They are very light to wear and won't cause pain to your feet. Its unique design will make you walk firmly and stand for hours, without any effort or pain.
✔ Soft Comfortable Padding: Super soft and comfy insoles will support your feet from stress and tension during the entire day.
✔ Orthopedic Design: Stops the flattening of the feet while maintaining right where the foot needs it. Helpful for those with high arch or rigid feet that tend to supinate.
✔ Anti Slip: Soles are made with anti-slip materials to guarantee greater grip, and extra support in your stability. Make your footprint 100% safe!
✔ Adaptable & Breathable Fabric: Has an adjustable fabric design, which adapts to the shape of each foot and a perspiration system that will keep them cool and without feeling of tiredness & sweat for hours, on even the hottest days of summer.


Color: Black, Pink White
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1 pair x CushKicks™ Ortho Sneakers

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