Metallic Watercolor Set donkeyontherun
Metallic Watercolor Set donkeyontherun
Metallic Watercolor Set donkeyontherun

Metallic Watercolor Set

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Now you can have a glittering or metallic effect on your paintings! Easily create a work of art with a more vivid and unique mix of iridescent colors with the all-new Metallic Watercolor Set!This is formulated with an extra rich and smooth mix of purest pigment to produce excellent transparency, diffusion, saturation which gives painting, excellent blend, and mix.Metallic Watercolor Set is effective in preserving artwork as they are resistant to discoloration and fading over time! The painting set is easily removable so you can customize the color arrangement and easily carry it everywhere you go.


High-quality Paint
Metallic Watercolor Set is perfect for both professional and beginner watercolor artists; These watercolors are made to present a soft and smooth finish on paper; the colors are non-toxic making it perfect for children; these watercolors are also excellent pigments for calligraphy and card making.
High- level Pigmentation
Each pigment in this paint pallet is carefully made to present a vibrant and shimmery finish whether used on white or black paper watercolor paper. Keeps its color no matter how much water is used to paint with.
Creates a glittering effect on painting 
Pre-mixed with a shimmering medium that gives your artwork a special highlighted metallic and glittering effect.
Long-lasting results 
Designed to be resistant to direct sunlight, and will not fade or discolor, and dries super fast while maintaining the quality of your artwork.
Easily removed and replaced 
Different colors placed in individual small removable boxes so you can arrange the colors any way you want.


  •  Material: Pigment
  • Color: 12 Color
  • Size: Box: Length: 11cm(4.33in),Wide:5cm(1.97in)
  • Quantity: 12Pcs/1 Set


  • 1 x Metallic Watercolor /12 color
  • 1 x Water Brush
  • 1 x Thin Brush

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